Simply Swanky: 3 Date Night Looks He'll Love

Getting ready for date night has become a fun theater pop-up in my head! I get so much pleasure with the details of creating a look!

I get it! Every date is not all about a production. I also get that not everyone even cares. For those who do, this is for you. For those who don’t, you just may want to save this one in file #2 (the “I’ll come back to it later” drawer)…I’m just saying!

I LOVE getting dressed to go out with my husband. He seems to think that I have a rendering of theater going on in my head about the entire date (that’s another story for another post). Ha! I do! I love the anticipation of a date. I love the details. I love the thought put into it. I love playing it out in my head before it happens. Am I going too far? LOL. Am I the only one? I think at least my fellow creatives can attest to some part of the process. Yes? Maybe? *fingers crossed*

Below, I’ve featured THREE date night ensembles (or for solo endeavors or “I just want to do me” endeavors) that I’ve worn on dates with my love. For the record, again, if you could care less about a date night, fine! Wear these outfits or a variation wherever you please, whenever for yourself by yourself! It’s all good.


Maxi dresses aren’t just for the summer! Neither is a good off the shoulder number! This outfits screams sexy, chic, and effortless. I am a girl who loves to layer, so by all means never mind the sweater if you want to show off those curves! I encourage that too! I also love a good color combo of (MY) colors! From a swank coffee cafe,’ to a mod museum visit, this ensemble offers simplicity, movement, texture and a brightness to a Fall day. Pair with a nice boot/bootie or with a funky sneaker.


A jumpsuit will always be one of my favorites! Especially if it fits like this one does (I’m shorter but have long legs so the fit is not always easy). Some of you are probably saying, “But it’s cold and this doesn’t have sleeves.” Two options for ya: 1.) Outerwear! With cooler temps, you’re going to have some form of coat on anyway, right? Right. Check your coat and be fabulous. 2.) Try layering a sheer, mesh, or lace long sleeve top underneath. You can also pair your jumpsuit with a duster or shawl. This look is great for an evening dinner or performance. Or go dancing with your date and watch how he gazes at you (please report your findings LOL). Jumpsuits are so versatile and flirty all at once!


Ah, shoulder action! I LOVE my shoulders and I love to bare them often! LOL. It gives just enough sexy coupled with a sweetness that’s undeniable! I’m a distressed jeans gal too! Sorry. Not sorry. If you’re not, the look is just as good with skinnies or fitted jeans. I like the great balance of this funky peplum sweater that I scored from a Resale Pop Up and the slim fit of my jeans. Whatever you do, please be sure that your outfit displays harmony (a mix of fitted and chunky or flowy). Variations of this outfit include an oversized, off the shoulder sweater and jeans or a cute tunic sweater and liquid leggings. Destination: Casual dinner or a relaxed, but still dashing event. The last thing I’ll mention is the miracle of a well-made peplum top! For those who have mid-section concerns, this top is on the “miracle worker” list. Period.

Fall Beauty Faves!


Fall is here!

It’s one of my favorite seasons for sure, but with cooler temperatures come skin changes, duller looking skies, and a slower pace. I have some beauty faves that are part of my self-care routine that I’d like to share that are sure to provide a pick-me-up as well as other benefits. Thank me later when you fall in love with these little pretties also!

Facial Cleanser: Shea Moisture Clarifying Facial Wash & Scrub is wondrous! I use this twice weekly in place of my regular cleanser, followed by toner and moisturizer. I generally use it on Sunday and Wednesday. I discovered it from a Target Beauty Box this past Winter and have never parted. I have combination skin and it works perfectly with my existing skincare regime. The tea tree oil does the job to balance my skin and the tamarind extract provides gentle exfoliation to keep my skin smooth and glowy!

Moisturizer: I discovered Monie Naturals Skincare Green Tea & Vitamin E Facial Moisturizer through a friend on Instagram. This moisturizer is the truth! It doesn’t leave my skin oily like most moisturizers and provides the perfect canvas for makeup application.

all products.jpg

Eye Cream: Listen, if you are over 25 and do not use an eye cream, please start! As early as 20s you can start to notice a few little creases, and as subtle as they may be, prevention is key! Now, I don’t believe in the term anti-aging (there is no such thing…), BUT I do believe in preservation! Most people don’t need a targeted eye cream (e.g. for dark circles), so a gentle and moisturizing one will do! My go to is Eve Organics Eye Cream. Due to the delicate skin under your eye, be sure to be gentle and apply with your your ring or baby finger. Secret: I use my eye cream as a lip moisturizer also!

Bright Matte Liquid: In the last few years, I’ve opted for a brighter lip in the fall. I still rock my deeper hues, but I’m not putting my bright lippies away! First of all, Boy Trouble by The Lip Bar is EVERYTHING!!! Secondly, it brightens my skin and my day! This is a brown girl’s dream lip color. TRUST. ME. You’ll also get a good laugh at their shade description.

Liquid Foundation: Clinique Even Better Broad Spectrum (Ginger) has worked for me for years. I had the hardest time color-matching a foundation that allowed my skin to breathe…because that’s important! It’s the perfect neutral brown girl shade and provides light-medium coverage. Clinique does it with this formula! It keeps my skin smooth and flawless without hiding ME. I wear this on Sundays and for occasions when I want a more even tone and a tad more coverage than a pressed powder.

Mineral Dual Foundation: Aveda did right by brown girls a few years ago by adding deeper hues. This is a pressed powder formula (Cream Caramel) but can be worn wet for lighter coverage. I wear this wet when I want a natural look that blurs imperfections. It also provides radiance on a gray, fall day. When I want a more dramatic look, I use this to provide a bit of contour to my liquid foundation.

BONUS: Drink. Your. Water. Babes.


These are just a few of my favorite Fall beauty jewels and as you can tell from the organic photos, I USE THEM generously! LOL. Of course I’m a product junkie, so I’ll probably share a few more for Winter! Stay tuned.

Please share some of your favorite beauty products! I’d love to hear from you!

Ravishing Red + Resale Find

Last month, we decided that we would go with the color Red for our next venture’s photoshoot. Initially I was a bit against it because I’m a neutral girl. ;-) I don’t own a lot of any color (LOL) and I thought it would be a task to find just the perfect color for me. However, I obliged and started browsing looks.

standing green blog.jpg
At one of my favorite coffee spots: New Order ;-)  Photo by: Kalayha Bailey for  Allen B Williams Photography   Jumpsuit: Regeneration  Earrings:  Rouge Couture Company   Lipstick: The LipBar (City Girl)

At one of my favorite coffee spots: New Order ;-)

Photo by: Kalayha Bailey for Allen B Williams Photography

Jumpsuit: Regeneration

Earrings: Rouge Couture Company

Lipstick: The LipBar (City Girl)

It was a day away and I still hadn’t found ANYTHING! I had to make some quick moves otherwise I was in trouble! I knew that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something I didn’t think I would wear often so my immediate solution was to head to Regeneration to see what I could see…

I peeked and poked around until I found this Free People fitted jumpsuit. The only problem was it was a size…Small…and there’s nothing small on me but my waist, hands and feet. LOL. I was brave and tried it on and guess what? It was a bit snug BUT I was going to make it work. Can you say ANGLES? LOL…it was worth every bit of my $14 hard earned bucks! CHA-CHING!

Regeneration has been a love of mine for quite some time. Great style and great finds don’t have to be expensive! You just need some patience and a keen eye. Regeneration is not the only resale or slow fashion spot I frequent, but it is on the top of my list for Slow Fashion! If you’ve never considered resale, consignment, or thrift shopping, I encourage you to do so. Not only will it accomplish your shopping fix (for less), you’ll be contributing to a more ethical way of consumerism. I know. I just got real deep…that’s another post for a different day!

Anyway, let’s talk about this RED jumpsuit. I love the color Red. I don’t wear it often, oh, but when I do…

I’ve often said that I’m actually an introvert. So, you other introverts: LISTEN UP! I’m a huge fan of color psychology and I often teach my wardrobe consulting clients about the affects of color. Well, the color RED actually boosts the confidence level of those who are shy or lack a power-packed personality. Wearing RED can actually translate as outgoing and affect the mood of others who set their eyes on your outfit! Beware, it does attract attention, but that can be a good thing! Especially if you need people to take action on an idea or presentation. Here are some other affects or emotions wearing RED can produce:

-Energy -Passion -Love -Comfort -Excitement -Intensity

The next time you need a push for a date, presentation, or a fun shoot, try wearing RED. Even if it’s a lip color! Watch how your mood quickly switches from a mild belle into a MAVEN…



The Crime I Committed While Wearing A Yellow Lace Dress

Kimberly Simmons and Nina Gordon.

Kimberly Simmons and Nina Gordon.

I had weeks.


I had months to prepare for my twenty-year high school reunion Honors Gala (King Crusader).  I didn't prepare. You know why don't you? You're right. I didn't because I had months! Don't act like you don't know how that is! You say, day after day, "I got time." Then,you really don't!

It was seven days before the big day. Still nothing. I hadn't even thought about it until I ran into a classmate of mine who began talking about her attire for that evening.  It wasn't that I didn't think it was important. It's just, well, my schedule! No excuse, right?  That's mine and I'm sticking to it. Well, she shared a few pictures of her dress and I loved it! I asked where she found it and her next words made my stomach drop! FASHION NOVA!

I was completely shocked! Shocked for many reasons.  The first being that I'd been hearing about this company a lot lately (and seeing celebrities on the gram advertising their wears) and recently decided to give their infamous jeans a try. Guess what? They fit like nobody's business! Anyone who is shaped like me, knows exactly why this is a win-win situation.  Anyway.  The other reason why I was shocked was because the dress that she showed me looked AMAZING. 

Now before all of you name loving, couture wearing, high fashion loving peeps start judging, know that  I am on a journey to transition my entire wardrobe from fast fashion to slow fashion (I'll talk about these terms in another blog), BUT I - AM - NOT  - THERE - (YET)! Also, check your entire closet stock to be sure that everything was made in organic materials and that the making involved fair employment practices, it's made locally, and that it's not mass produced. Need I go on? If you can answer yes to at least these, then congratulations! If you can't, hush chile!

Jessica LeMelle. We've been friends since 9th grade. Oh the stories!

Jessica LeMelle. We've been friends since 9th grade. Oh the stories!

Now about the crime I committed: I SLAYED IN A FASHION NOVA DRESS! Yes, I slayed the dress honey! I murdered. I killed it. I put to death all the critics (there aren't any of those in real life, right?).  I'll say so myself! LOL. Like I said in my promo of this post, no one was hurt. As a matter of fact, all who encountered this yellow, lace FASHION NOVA DRESS were quite pleased! Ok? Well, at least I was. I enjoyed the color (you'll be hearing more about color in future posts), I enjoyed the ease and comfort and I loved how it hugged my curves just right.  I was worried that my 49.99 dress would unravel as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  IT. DID. NOT.

Latisha Hawkins and Tiffany Cobb.

Latisha Hawkins and Tiffany Cobb.

I created beautiful memories with my high school classmates from twenty years ago in a FASHION NOVA DRESS! We reminisced about the "good ole days" and caught up with each other like we'd never missed a beat. We danced, sang, cried (yes, my eyes started to water a few times), laughed out loud (not the fake "lol" that we text people) and we took millions of pictures!

Jabari Long. "He's the Boss" and "She's the Boss" awardees.   Allen B Williams Photography

Jabari Long. "He's the Boss" and "She's the Boss" awardees.

Allen B Williams Photography

Then something happened that was a complete surprise to me. My name was called. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive an award. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive the "She's the Boss" Award. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive the "She's the Boss" Award in front of about 120 of my lovely peers in MY FASHION NOVA DRESS! Take that.

Here's to creating beautiful, meaningful memories that you shall keep close to you forever, as you wear WHATEVER YOU WANT!

NOW, excuse me while I go take another peek at my yellow, lace dress. IT. JUST. MAKES. ME HAPPY.

Until next time,


*Thumbnail Photo Credit: Fancy Flash Photo Booth