The Wrap Dress + 3 ways to style it!

Wrap dresses for me are like the ultimate display of femininity. There’s nothing more sexy, sweet or confident than a woman in a wrap dress. Period.

Wrap dresses are my favorite for several reasons. At the top of my list: they look good on everyBODY! Really! Below, I show three additional ways to rock the wrap dress besides the traditional way.

  • Rock your wrap dress as a DUSTER! This is such a great way to add print, movement, texture, or color to a basic outfit. You can also pair your “wrap dress duster” with another dress (sheath or another straight style).

  • Rock your wrap dress as a two-piece with a moto vest or jacket. Another way is to piece with a distressed denim jacket to add some funk.

  • I’ve even paired my wrap dresses with graphic tees (below), leggings and jeans (I love dresses with jeans!) to add interest to the classic dress!

Come on! Get creative with your classic items in your closet! I dare YOU!!!


The Crime I Committed While Wearing A Yellow Lace Dress

Kimberly Simmons and Nina Gordon.

Kimberly Simmons and Nina Gordon.

I had weeks.


I had months to prepare for my twenty-year high school reunion Honors Gala (King Crusader).  I didn't prepare. You know why don't you? You're right. I didn't because I had months! Don't act like you don't know how that is! You say, day after day, "I got time." Then,you really don't!

It was seven days before the big day. Still nothing. I hadn't even thought about it until I ran into a classmate of mine who began talking about her attire for that evening.  It wasn't that I didn't think it was important. It's just, well, my schedule! No excuse, right?  That's mine and I'm sticking to it. Well, she shared a few pictures of her dress and I loved it! I asked where she found it and her next words made my stomach drop! FASHION NOVA!

I was completely shocked! Shocked for many reasons.  The first being that I'd been hearing about this company a lot lately (and seeing celebrities on the gram advertising their wears) and recently decided to give their infamous jeans a try. Guess what? They fit like nobody's business! Anyone who is shaped like me, knows exactly why this is a win-win situation.  Anyway.  The other reason why I was shocked was because the dress that she showed me looked AMAZING. 

Now before all of you name loving, couture wearing, high fashion loving peeps start judging, know that  I am on a journey to transition my entire wardrobe from fast fashion to slow fashion (I'll talk about these terms in another blog), BUT I - AM - NOT  - THERE - (YET)! Also, check your entire closet stock to be sure that everything was made in organic materials and that the making involved fair employment practices, it's made locally, and that it's not mass produced. Need I go on? If you can answer yes to at least these, then congratulations! If you can't, hush chile!

Jessica LeMelle. We've been friends since 9th grade. Oh the stories!

Jessica LeMelle. We've been friends since 9th grade. Oh the stories!

Now about the crime I committed: I SLAYED IN A FASHION NOVA DRESS! Yes, I slayed the dress honey! I murdered. I killed it. I put to death all the critics (there aren't any of those in real life, right?).  I'll say so myself! LOL. Like I said in my promo of this post, no one was hurt. As a matter of fact, all who encountered this yellow, lace FASHION NOVA DRESS were quite pleased! Ok? Well, at least I was. I enjoyed the color (you'll be hearing more about color in future posts), I enjoyed the ease and comfort and I loved how it hugged my curves just right.  I was worried that my 49.99 dress would unravel as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  IT. DID. NOT.

Latisha Hawkins and Tiffany Cobb.

Latisha Hawkins and Tiffany Cobb.

I created beautiful memories with my high school classmates from twenty years ago in a FASHION NOVA DRESS! We reminisced about the "good ole days" and caught up with each other like we'd never missed a beat. We danced, sang, cried (yes, my eyes started to water a few times), laughed out loud (not the fake "lol" that we text people) and we took millions of pictures!

Jabari Long. "He's the Boss" and "She's the Boss" awardees.   Allen B Williams Photography

Jabari Long. "He's the Boss" and "She's the Boss" awardees.

Allen B Williams Photography

Then something happened that was a complete surprise to me. My name was called. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive an award. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive the "She's the Boss" Award. My name was called to get out of my seat to receive the "She's the Boss" Award in front of about 120 of my lovely peers in MY FASHION NOVA DRESS! Take that.

Here's to creating beautiful, meaningful memories that you shall keep close to you forever, as you wear WHATEVER YOU WANT!

NOW, excuse me while I go take another peek at my yellow, lace dress. IT. JUST. MAKES. ME HAPPY.

Until next time,


*Thumbnail Photo Credit: Fancy Flash Photo Booth