It's About That Time!

Hi!  Welcome to my brand spanking new website!  I am so happy to have another platform to connect with my clients, friends, and fellow creatives.  It's been some years since I had a website.  More than I care to admit!  I took my old one down all those years ago (LOL) because it needed an upgrade and I got busy! Years and years busy...BUT we're here now!  That's all that matters, right? (Please say YES)

IMG_0468 (1).jpg

Please know that this website is ever-evolving right along with my growth and exploration.  I also want to make very clear my convictions and intentions.  Yes, I love style, beauty and some trends.  However my heart is near and dear to some important and note-worthy issues and plagues. In all that I do, you'll always find meaning tucked deep down or you'll hear and see my scream, blatantly.  It just depends on what it is! You feel me?

You can expect new content from me regularly right here on this blog!  With that said, I'd like to hear from you what you wanna hear from me! I am open to questions and suggestions! 

Let's use this as our "shooting the breeze" platform where we share and inspire one another, ok? 

Here's to the start of a new relationship with a praying, coffee-sipping, art-loving, high-heel and duster wearing, pixie hair loving, introvert with extrovert tendencies gal!

...and then, I must publicly thank Larrissa Spears who is responsible for spear-heading and creating this website and managing it's content.  You are amazingly beautiful. Inside and out!

Love, Denitra