Grow Your Life, The Conference

Yesterday evening was nothing short of amazing.  It is always a pleasure to participate in an event that yields empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration.  Realizing that each of our needs are different, I'm a fan of empowerment events!

The Grow Your Life Women's Conference, produced and hosted by Marlena Daniel, served as a catalyst for women from all walks of life and was a platform for this beauty's brand relaunch.  If that's not enough, she also introduced attendees to her new book entitled "Grow Your Life."

After participating in Marlena's "Grow Your Life" book review forum this past Winter, I was asked to be a panelist for this conference.  Of course I humbly obliged! I knew that I was going to be part of a life-changing occasion...and boy was I right!

The conference began with an Ice Breaker activity (question card) which I'll share with you.  It asked: What do you need in order to grow to the next level in 1.) Business/Career?  2.) Relationships? 3.) Life

I'll challenge you to answer those questions quarterly!

Next, the evening progressed with a talented Spoken Word Artist, Princess Hawthorne (pictured in thumbnail).

Then, the panel interview with yours truly.   I was interviewed about my thoughts on Marlena's new book by the lovely Ramona Prater. What a dialogue! We had such an awesome conversation about "aha moments" that we got from the book. 

...and then the lady of the hour, Marlena Daniel, graced the stage! She masterfully merged her life experiences with chapters of her new book, like Mirror Mirror, Growth is Painful, and Excuses Excuses.

It was an honor and a privilege to be among every woman who was there!  I truly felt inspired and uplifted and left with measurable and attainable NEW HEIGHTS to grow!

Keep Growing,